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Revelator: Bar Avalon

The ever-changing menu will feature sharable items complementing the open, communal space and highlighting local produce, meats, and products. Bar Avalon’s carefully curated wine list will feature wines from the Americas, with every wine on the menu being offered by the glass. A special bonus for wine enthusiasts is EVE Bottle Shop, a wine store that will be connected to the restaurant, with a selection of hedonistic wines from around the world. 

Bar Avalon is a part of the Revelator Coffee Company, a coffee roaster and café operator based in Atlanta with roots in metro markets across the Southeast. While specialty coffee is the origin of the company, it has since expanded to create memorable, all-day café experiences with a proven track record, such as Paloma Café in New Orleans, with another location, Hazel Jane’s soon to open in Atlanta, each with local culinary and beverage talent and truly inspired by the people and places in the communities they serve.